HR System Integration
Support in the selection and implementation of appropriate systems and the avoidance of mistakes.

Integration M&A
What do you need to consider when integrating acquired organizations?How do you ensure integration is successful?

Training Managers in Employment Law
Do all of your managers have the fundamental understanding of employment law they need to fulfil their role on a day-to-day basis?

Building the HR Department
Do your current processes reflect the requirements of modern HR Management?

Support with, and implementation of, the reorganization of departments and divisions.

HR Administration
HR administration is the foundation upon which all else is built. Contracts, references, warnings, organizational charts, and much more, all need to be well established for smooth execution.

HR Audit Support
How do you successfully pass a HR audit?

Collaboration with Works Councils and Unions
Appropriate interaction with employee representatives for the achievement of organizational goals.

Compensation & Benefits
Which bonus systems motivate which employees?
How do you create the right remuneration structure for your organization?

Creation and Implementation of Collective Agreements
Are your collective agreements up to date?

Global Mobility
Sending and supporting employees internationally has many hidden obstacles.