How do I find the right solutions for my organization in this ever-changing business world?

Competent advice and assistance during your merger, acquisition or sale, as well as ongoing post-merger integration support.

Talent Attraction and Retention
Do you have the right people on board to create the future of your organization? Can you keep them once you have them on board?

Succession Planning
A topic managers like to avoid, despite its utmost importance for the ongoing survival of the organization.

Going International
Do you want to expand into other countries? What do you need to consider? What dangers and problems are waiting around the corner?

In a constant competition for the best talent, it’s essential that you communicate, and work to improve, what makes your organization attractive as an employer.

Creating the right HR Organization
Do you have the right employees, in the right positions, within your HR department?

What needs to be considered when introducing a matrix organization? What are the risks and opportunities?

Does it make sense to hand certain functions over to externals? If so, which ones?

Managing Separation
You would like to part ways with employees? How do you achieve the best possible outcome?